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The Best Tiles for Outdoor Use

The durable, easy-to-clean nature of tile makes it an excellent surface for outdoor applications such as decks, patios, and porches. And with the wide variety of design choices available, there’s bound to be a style that fits with your home.

However, not all tile is equally suited to outdoor use. Your tiled porch or patio will be exposed to harsh weather, frequent moisture, and a range of temperatures. As a result, you need tiles that are especially tough and water-resistant.

So what types of tile are best for outdoor use? Here are our top picks.


1besttiles2.jpgGenerally, porcelain tiles that are rated for flooring will be able to withstand the harsh demands of outdoor applications. Porcelain is a dense, sturdy material, and will hold up well against the elements.

Not every type of porcelain floor tile meant for indoor use will work as well outside, though. Glossy porcelain will become slippery when wet, creating a fall hazard for your family and guests. Instead, look for matte or textured tiles that will provide better traction.

Note: While porcelain is a type of ceramic, you should avoid using standard ceramic tiles for exterior applications. Ceramic tile has plenty of benefits, such as its healthy and eco-friendly properties, but it generally won’t serve you well anywhere outside of the house.


There are good reasons why slate is such a common choice for tiling patios, decks, and porches. Slate tiles are remarkably strong and water-resistant. And while some types of natural stone are too smooth to be safe when wet, it isn’t difficult to find slate tiles with the right texture for outdoor use.

Another advantage of slate is the wide variety of colors to pick from. Many homeowners think of slate as always being dark gray or black, but you can find purple, green, orange, and even red slate as well.

On the other hand, slate is quite brittle and can be prone to chipping if struck or hit by a falling object.


1besttiles3.jpgNext to porcelain, granite may be the hardest material used for tiles. It’s certainly harder than any other natural stone option. This makes them thoroughly resilient and durable. Granite is particularly good for regions that experience significant weather shifts with the changing seasons.

Granite tiles also come in a broad range of colors, from white to red to black—and virtually every shade in between.

Granite has its downsides for outdoor use, though. Granite tiles are typically highly polished, making them more dangerous when wet. They’re also relatively porous when compared with other types of tile and will need to be sealed regularly to prevent moisture penetration and staining.


1besttiles4.jpg Throughout the years, marble has remained a classic choice for stylish, elegant décor—whether in an interior or exterior application. The countless color options are always a plus, and the unique veined appearance can turn your deck or porch into a work of art.

Nothing conveys modern sophistication quite like marble.

However, while smooth, polished marble tiles may be the chic option, you’ll want to go with a slip-resistant finish for outdoor use. Safety should always be your top priority when planning a home renovation project.

Marble is also somewhat porous. Like granite, you’ll need to reseal it regularly to protect it from heavy foot traffic and the elements.


The name “soapstone” may not sound like a good material for outdoor use, but it’s easily one of the smartest choices on this list.

Soapstone is non-porous, making it waterproof and impervious to stains. And even when wet, soapstone doesn’t get slippery. This has made it a popular material for tiling around swimming pools.

Best of all, soapstone can handle any kind of weather, from high heat to freezing cold. Winter or summer, rain or shine, soapstone is up for the job.


1besttiles5.jpgCement doesn’t have to mean drab, dull, or ugly. Cement tiles can be molded and textured to give them the appearance of natural stone or porcelain at a fraction of the cost. In fact, with a little hunting, you can find cement tiles with almost any pattern or texture you want.

Cement is also fully capable of dealing with weather, seasons, and heavy traffic. You won’t have to worry about it getting slick from moisture, either.

The only potential downside to cement is that, like granite and marble, you’ll need to reseal it every few years to maintain it.

Upgrade Your Home with the Benefits of Tile

The right tiles can add plenty of beauty and convenience to your patio, porch, deck, or other exterior renovation. And because you have so many suitable materials to choose from, it’s easy to find tiles that complement your home and boost your curb appeal.

Are you gearing up for a home renovation project involving tile? If so, we’d love to help.

At Downright Tile and Renovations, we’ve spent years helping homeowners throughout the greater Kansas City area with their remodeling projects. We install, replace, and repair tiles in various applications, including:

We even offer custom design services. Just contact us, and we’ll come to your home to help you make the right decisions for your unique needs and preferences.

Contact us to schedule a free, in-home consultation.

client Reviews

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Ann Butler

Cody was very professional, he was very good at advising us what would work well together. He showed up when he said he would , and never left a mess. We were under a time crunch , and Cody came through. The bathroom turned out beautiful. We are very happy with the end result.
We really appreciate all the hard work Cody and Trenton put into this job.

Stillwell, KS.

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James Pate

Downright Tile are true craftsmen. They take genuine pride in their work and make sure the customer is happy throughout the entire process. Some specifics from my experience:
-exceptional client communication
-upfront/honest pricing
-very prompt
-kept work area clean and free of debris
-extraordinary finished product!!!
I couldn’t be happier with my experience. Would hire again without question.

Weatherby Lake, MO.

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Nicole Galemore

Our experience with DownRight Tile was exceptional. We hired DownRight to install glass subway tile for our kitchen backsplash and coffee nook. They were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. From the get-go, they answered my millions of questions quickly and thoroughly. They were on-time throughout the project. I would say our project was a bit more complicated due to using glass tile and having a 70+ year old home with warped walls that weren't square. They exceeded our expectations and now we are using them for our bath remodel!

Shawnee, KS.

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Patricia Landwehr

My husband and I contracted with Downright Tile and Renovations to tile our basement laundry room and bath. Our house is 100 years old and the basement floor is not flat in places. They were able to level it out before installing the tile. The walls are not perfectly square, so we had lots of discussion about the best way to lay the tile to minimize the issue. They were very professional, arrived when they said they would, cleaned up the area daily and did a great job installing the tile. My husband is an engineer and very picky and was very pleased with the work. We highly recommend them. They are true craftsmen.

Brookside, MO

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Donald White

Downright Tile and Renovations repaired a faulty installation of a tiled shower floor. The previous contractor did not know what he was doing and the floor leaked badly. Downright Tile was great to work with on the project and now the shower works great. They were responsive, on time and within reason on cost. They finished the job ahead of schedule.

Independence, MO

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Dan Welter

Downright Tile and Renovations were wonderful. They are true craftsmen. Easy to work with and the results are just what I wanted. I think their pricing is too low, but don't let them know till I call them again. Thanks.

Overland Park, KS

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Shanna Smith

We are so happy we found Downright Tile. They were able to give us a custom look using the products we preferred, including modern design elements like a linear drain. They were friendly, respectful, and communicative, and do everything they can to pass cost savings on to you. Their attention to detail is fantastic. We recommend them to everyone we can, and we plan to have them back for a project in the future!

Overland Park, KS

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Jon Sestak

I cannot speak highly enough about my tile experience with Downright Tile and Renovations. First of all I want to say that the attention to detail is fantastic. Our job took a little longer, but the overall product looked amazing once finished. Typically, I would expect a job to be rushed in our circumstances, but the attention to detail did not diminish as the project went longer than expected. Would give these guys six stars if possible.

Overland Park, KS

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Kiven Moise

Downright Tile and Renovations are very professional. They did an excellent job tiling my shower walls. If your up against the fence about a tile job give them a try you won't be disappointed.

Independence, MO

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Alexzis Thomson

Thank you, Downright Tile and Renovations, for the awesome tile work! You helped convert our nightmare shower into a working shower! We initially hired a family friend to tile our master shower and shower floor. Long story short, the shower floor was not set properly and did not drain the water. :( I found Downright Tile and saw they had a knack for tile (especially showers), and knew they were the right company for the job. They knew exactly what to fix and how to fix it PROPERLY. They came in and did the job fast and effective! I can't wait to use the shower and not have to use a squeegee every time I get out. Thank you again!!! I highly recommend!

Blue Springs, MO

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Brian Joy Wilhide

We hired Downright Tile to install new tile in our fireplace. Our old tile was pretty dull... we replaced it with Jinshan Coffee tile. They advised us as to the condition of the new tiles (some chipped, some cracked, etc.) and we were able to request a new batch before we start our bathroom tiling project. They were able to select some very nice tiles for the fireplace and it is quite beautiful now. As soon as we have our ducks in a row with the new tile, we will be happy to bring Downright Tile back to replace our bathroom tile.

Lenexa, KS

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Angie's List Customer Review

We hired Downright Tile and Renovations to re-tile two fireplaces and our master bath floor. We picked our floor tile and when it arrived, found a lot of surprises. It was the last tile of it's kind from the quarry and there was a lot of variety. Downright Tile came up with a unique design which made great use of the variety and the final product is truly beautiful. They also re-tiled our family room fireplace with the same tiles. They suggested stacked stone tiles for our bedroom fireplace. Both fireplaces were transformed from boring to beautiful. Downright Tile took on our project where others might not have. It required a lot of extra cutting of tiles. They enjoyed the challenge and we are very happy with the outcome. We would confidently hire them again for any future tile work.

Kansas City, MO

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Daniel J Lopez

I am very happy with my experience with Downright Tile and Renovations. They had great communication, explained everything well, were punctual, and kept the job site clean. The finished product is exactly what we were hoping for and the price was good. I would definitely recommend them for any tile jobs you have in the future.

Overland Park, KS

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Will Woodford

Downright Tile and Renovations were extremely helpful and fast. They solved problems created by other contractors so that I didn’t end up having to deal with it. Downright Tile are perfectionists from step 1, and will not leave you without an excellent result.

Shawnee, KS

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Imene McCoy

Prompt, professional and clean! I had the best experience- Downright Tile and Renovations were fast, efficient and made the whole process super easy!! I highly recommend them!

Kansas City, MO

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Madison Grace

Very nice work & very friendly guys

Kansas City, MO

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Angie's List Customer Review

Downright Tile and Renovations were excellent to work with. They clearly understand their craft. They were professional, clean, and conscientious. I'll hire them again when I need more tile work done and refer them to others.

Kansas City, MO

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Beverly Bellinger

The project went beautifully. There were several areas around the tub and where the tub meets the floor that needed to be re-caulked; Downright Tile noted wherever new caulk was necessary within the shower/tub area and took care of it all. The amazing difference is in the floor. White tile with white grout can become discolored and hard to clean after a decade. Now it looks as good as when first installed, plus they offered care tips to maintain it. They also very graciously looked at a couple of loose kitchen backsplash tiles and provided advice on those. They're meticulous, professional and probably something of perfectionists—color matching was of critical importance to them. Our minor restoration project was clearly unworthy of their talents. Their charge was exactly as estimated ($300 plus materials). Imagine what a wonderful job they'd do on a start-from-scratch tile installation! If I had another tile project, Downright Tile is the only supplier I'd call.

Kansas City, MO

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Angie's List Customer Review

We were very satisfied with Downright Tile and Renovations' services. They were very responsive via text and were able to schedule us quickly. We had a very positive experience working with Downright Tile and love our new tile. We highly recommend them and would use them again if we eventually need tile work again.

Kansas City, MO

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David Duffield

As a very competent DIYer, it has always been difficult for me to relinquish control and hire someone else to do work on my home. My past experiences with hiring contractors has always left me disappointed in the quality of workmanship and/or the professionalism of the contractor. I can honestly say that, for the first time, Downright Tile and Renovations have exceeded my expectations. The crew were professional, timely, and the level of craftmanship was exceptional. Downright Tile took the time to plan the layout of the tile so there were professional results. I couldn't be happier and will definitely use them again on other projects. Thanks Downright Tile for all of your efforts!

Overland Park, KS

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Dan Lopez

Our house sold opening weekend. I’m sure the bathroom was a key contributor. We’re in a brand new house now so we’re set but I will definitely pass along your info to anybody who is looking. You did great work.

Overland Park, KS

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James Densmore

We recently remodeled our basement bathroom. We had multiple bids and they were all about the same. We chose to go with Downright Tile and Renovations as they warrantied their work more than the competitors. We picked out the tile and materials and then Downright Tile installed. They were on time and finished the project as expected. They explained various things when asked. We would use Downright Tile for a future project.

Mission Hills, KS

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Anna Challacombe

We hired Downright Tile to re-tile our guest bathroom and they did a phenomenal job. We've never hired anyone with more integrity or attention to detail. They always showed up when they said they would, communicated expectations, did a really exceptional job on the tile itself, and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the finished project and that it met their exacting standards. I would highly recommend Downright Tile to anyone looking to have tile work done.

Merriam, KS

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